Today it is almost impossible to be part of this society without having an account in the bank.

And one of the advantages of the Internet, and that at least in Chile a banking company emphasizes it, is that it is no longer necessary to go to the bank. Now almost everything can be done online.

That's one of the main reasons why banks run a lot of online advertising campaigns.

In Argentina last month, 22 banks launched at least one campaign, while in Chile 14 and Colombia 11.

And to a lesser extent, they also run video campaigns that appear on YouTube, being in Chile where this resource is most used by banks.

The formats mainly used are Pre-Roll, Companion and Overlay.


In Colombia, only one campaign was launched in Pre-Roll and two of the Overlay type.

The Pre-Roll was part of an Aval Group campaign, which recorded a video on YouTube in mid-June, promoting discounts on recital tickets.

Overlay advertisers were WWB and Bancolombia.

Ar gentina occupies little video advertising

In Argentina we only have a record of the appearance of a Video on YouTube of Citibank in May.

Me anwhile, only three banks, of the 22 advertisers, carried out video campaigns in Companion and Overlay format: Banco Galicia, Comafi and Santander (Tres Overlay dos Companion).



Chile takes the lead 

Chile is the country where we capture the most advertising videos from banks on YouTube.

Half of the industry's advertisers showed at least one video campaign in the last month.

In total, 18 campaigns, which promote everything from different banking services to web applications.

Th e bank that presented the most campaigns in video format was Santander, with three Pre-Roll and 4 Overlays.



The bank industry is one of the ones that agglomera the most advertisers, but as in other categories, the video is far from reaching the traditional advertising display.

Despite this, because of the low cost of video advertising, it would not be uncommon for it to be imposed as preferred online advertising in the future.


Maria Benito


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