The LAN finger advertising campaign should be one of the most successful of the last time.

It's a matter of us seeing a finger with whiskers or a telescope to link it to the airline and the purchase of tickets online.

What Lan has achieved is that a commercial, banner or gigantography with one fingers with eyes makes us think of "vacation", "offers" and the best thing is that all this can be achieved with "one click".

Fingers in LAN disguise are the reflection of an excellent union of concepts.

I see fingers with face and costume → I think of offers and vacations → my finger makes the purchase → am happy


In Chile in late June and early July, four LAN campaigns were launched, including finger protagonists.

The first was published on June 27, announcing the new section of "Prafor your trip".

For this campaign in addition to the banners, a video was posted, which we captured on YouTube.

Th e next appeared a day later in 16 media outlets, announcing 5 days of promotional tickets to travel within South America.

The remaining two are the same campaigns but with different destinations within the

LA N fingers wanted to leave Chile, so they crossed the mountain range and settled in Argentina.

From last week, 14 of his 15 campaigns include banners with disguised fingers, appearing in thirty media.

On July 3, a campaign appeared in Oridean promoting passages to Buenos Aires alone.



In Colombia LAN also carries out online advertising campaigns in video format, but at least on the web has not yet included the finger campaign.

However, it ranks as the most impact-sharing advertiser (44%) in the travel industry.

Online advertising in Colombia focuses on promoting destinations and publicizeing the comforts of business.



Maria Benito


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