Some will remember that it was still entertaining to go to the movie rental store and spend a lot of time fiddding out what to see. (Well this can still be done).

But when they were closing and the salesman was looking at you in the face of "hurry up," or it was raining and you were coming out of the comfort of home to get wet to go rent a movie, one thought twice.

Luckily for many, this problem was solved as the Internet expanded.

Watching a movie today is as easy as sitting on the couch, grabbing the remote and selecting which one to watch. Without moving from the couch.

And Netflix was one of the companies that turned leisure into a real leisure.

Netflix is recognized as one of the largest Internet companies. And logically your investment in online advertising is huge, as they do not have an offline store to go and buy their services. Everything has to be done over the Internet.


Netflix users, or those you're looking to reach, are mostly internet users. In South America it has already been installed a few years ago, and Netflix apparently loves advertising in Chile and Argentina.

In Chile Netflix has launched 15 campaigns while in Argentina eight and two in video format. In both countries, campaigns have appeared in more than 30 media outlets.

In the Argentine country the campaign is so powerful, it is currently at the top of the Top Campaigns.



Campaign banners advertise series, movies, and call to action to sign up for Netflix.

On the other hand, Netflix has been present in Colombia since September 2011, and so far this year features four campaigns, which, as in Chile and Argentina, some show series and movies while others have the benefits of subscribing.

These campaigns have appeared in more than 20 media, with Facebook being preferred (29%).


Netflix campaigns, as discussed above, are based on promoting TV shows/movies and calling audiences to subscribe.

For the company this is a great strategy, since your target audience is on the Internet, and you are constantly looking for ways to watch tv shows and movies online.

Netflix, through a monthly payment, offers movies and series to watch online, and in addition, they will soon be able to be accessed through different profiles in the same account.

This to avoid the problem that Netflix ended up recommending children's movies to the parent who wanted to watch action. From the end of August, in a family each member will be able to create their own profile.

Netflix through its banners keeps us up to date with all the premieres and new series, which also makes it our guide. That's all we dreamed of having a few years ago.




Maria Benito


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