And let's get what's promised, since it's time to sum up the month that just said goodbye and left us great campaigns and advertisers.

In the case of Chile, Paris was the Top Advertiser registering 15 campaigns, including the well-known "Only x Today" offers and the Father's Day campaigns. Of these, only one appeared in the ranking of the Top Campaigns.

The favorite way to run your ads was Google, with over 500 warnings.

On the other hand, the Top Campaign was Groupon's, appearing in 35 media outlets.

bells-advertisers-media-chileIn Colombia, Buenos Aires Turismo positioned as the top campaign (we had already told them about this campaign in a post), in addition to being placed in second place of the Top Advertisers, after Chevrolet.

The preferred means of advertising in Colombia was Youtube, with more than 50 advertisers.


In Argentina, the preferred medium for advertisers was Facebook. While the Top Advertiser was Colgate, he also placed himself with two of his three campaigns in the Top Campaigns.

The Top Campaign was from Groupon, as in Chile, appearing in 51 media outlets.bells-advertisers-media-Argentina

While media ranking doesn't usually move much from month to month, advertisers and campaigns do have more noticeable variations, so we'll have to wait 31 days to compare the data.

In the meantime, let's live the day-to-day life of online advertising.

On the data used in this report: This report has been prepared using the relative impact metric (calculated according to the Admetricks methodology). Don't confuse it with impressions or advertising investment.



Maria Benito


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